The Department of Physical Education was established in 1946, at the sources of the department there were people who invested a lot of work, knowledge, experience in the development of the Department of Physical Education. Heads of the department at different times were: A. Ya. Dyrdin, teachers were A.I. Karpova, L.G. Dyrdina, N.T. Mazhaeva, V. Novikov. Later, the heads of the Department of Physical Education worked: V.V. Novikov (1954-1968), A.Ya.Dyrdin (1949-1953, 1968-1972), B.A.Ayeshev (1973-1976), R.M . Mautaliev (1976-1986 ), Zh. Zhardemov (1986-1987), K.I. Ismagulov (1987-1991), T. Kubashev (1991-1995) , V.Symakov (1996-1997). For a long time, from 1997 to 2013, the department was headed by the assistant professor of WKSU, the senior teacher M.Kh. Temirgaliyeva. In 2013-2014 year the department was headed by the senior teacher, master Temeshev T.T. Currently, the chair is headed by the senior teacher of the department Demchenko L.V.

Lyudmila Valerievna Demchenko, Senior Lecturer, Head of the Department of Physical Education.

She was born in 1967 in Uralsk oblast, Priuralnyi region, village Rubezhka. In 1988 she graduated from the Order of Honor, A.S. Pushkin Pedagogical Institute. After graduation from the university she worked as a teacher of physical culture, director deputy for educational work of the Ashesai high school of Chingirlau region. Since 2005 she has worked at M.Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University. Since 2015 she has been the head of the department of physical education.

Lyudmila Valeryevna Demchenko actively propagandizes a healthy lifestyle. Annually she participates in sports and mass health events of town and regional scale. She conducts master classes, seminars, provides methodical and practical assistance to teachers of physical culture of the town and the region. She does not leave without due attention veterans of work and sports, invites them to sports and celebratory events.

For active labor and social activities, contribution to the development of the trade union movement, protection of social and labor rights and interests of the members of the trade union she was awarded with the badge" For the contributions to Education and Science Workers' Union".


Achievements of the Department of Physical Education

The address: Uralsk, Studencheskaya, 4. Pedagogical faculty

Phone: 50-53-46



To give basic scientifically grounded knowledge about the use of physical culture and sports in the development of vital physical qualities and their improvement, the long-term preservation of health and the maintenance of professional optimal working capacity.


The purpose of the educational discipline "Physical Culture" in the university is the formation of socially personal competences of students that ensure the targeted use of appropriate means of physical culture and sports for preservation, strengthening of health and training for professional activities.

Main activities

Physical culture in the higher educational institution is an integral part of the national program for the formation of the general and professional culture of the personality of the modern specialist, the system of humanistic education of students. In conditions of reforming higher education, the priority in the work on physical education is the maintenance and strengthening of students' health, the formation of a healthy lifestyle and the need for physical self-improvement. These directions are reflected in the most important state regulatory and legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The Department of Physical Education is a part of the multifaceted activity of the pedagogical staff of M.Utemisov WKSU . Every year, thousands of young professionals graduate from the university . Physical culture and sports to some extent touched each student. Physical training and sports are not only a means of physical education and health promotion, it is healthy leisure and active rest, one of the powerful means of educating high moral and volitional qualities, such as will, firm character, perseverance, purposefulness, ability to lead struggle in difficult conditions of competitions. Friendship, fellowship, internationalism, responsibility to the team, the notion of sporting honor and finally an optimistic outlook helped our specialists to hold the high rank of a graduate of our university.

During the existence of the department, thousands of competitions were held at the university in various sports, large and beautiful sports events, evenings, sports days and other events. The organizers of this work at the university are the staff of the Department of Physical Education. Many of them became highly qualified teachers, trainers, leaving a "good trace" in the hearts of their students.