13.11.19. at the faculty of education held an educational event "Later arlynda Soz alderan", dedicated to the 175th anniversary from the birthday of great Abai. The event was dedicated to the work of the great poet Abay Kunanbayev. The event was organized by teachers of the Department of preschool and primary education E. B. Yerbolat, G. Zh. Nabieva, G. S. Mukhieva and teacher of the Department of pedagogy and psychology A. S. Kenzhegalieva, an active student of the specialty bopa M. Zhuparova.

Purpose: to acquaint with life of the great poet, to promote wisdom, spiritual heritage of the poet, expressive reading of verses, songs. Help in artistic speech, creative work.

The event was held in the form of a competition. The competition consists of 4 parts.The jury consisted of Dean for educational work of the pedagogical faculty Aitzhanova A. S., teachers Dauletova A. T., dyusembaeva B. T.

I. Presentations.

II. "Guess the thought" (answer questions in hidden cells).

III. "Objective-SSD of patsey, Soz sarasa" (the recitation of Abay Kunanbayev's works).

IV. stage production (life and work of Abay, family, extract from the Board of the country).

The competition was attended by 4 of the group "Dialogue" , "Galinda Zhastar", "Bolashak", "entrant". Students showed their knowledge at each stage, showed creativity in the presentations. According to the results of the Grand Prix competition in the nomination "Zhalyndy Zhastar", "Onerli" were awarded the specialty MDOT, the group "Bolashak" in Pedagogy and psychology, the group "Shygarmashyl" in social pedagogy and self-knowledge, the group "Tapkyr" in social pedagogy and self-knowledge.At the end of the event Abay's songs sounded.