Name Subject The expected result
1 Ergalieva, GA. students' spiritual and moral values ​​of self-improvement through the recognition. having its own values, fully compatible with the development of a mature person.
2 Kaïrgalïev TK. psychological development. Ethno-psychological issues in the writings of psychologists. in terms of research and specialty magazine articles, etc., to collect data.
3 Madenova LM. by a group of high school students learning of cognitive activity. From 2009-2011 From conferences, published articles on the topic.
4 Sarsenbayeva B.Ï. Personality in the development stage naçalnoy professïonalïzacïï stwdençeskoy of Youth. Printer-friendly teaching, teaching aids.
5 Kaplenko V.P. Use of novıx pedagogïçeskïx technologies along zanyatïyax Teaching published e-books.
6 Tuyakova BK. Psïxologïçeskïe Features of formation kompetentnostï samomenedjmenta Students vwza. to the collection of information, according to an analysis of the literature
7 Kajïmova K.R. The main types of educational activities, training and education.