26.09.2019 in the Sports Palace of WKSU held a competition in mini-soccer among students of I-IV courses WKSU im. M. Utemisova. The organizer of the competition is the HLS Center and teachers of the Department of Physical Education. The competition was attended by 60 people, only 10 girls from all faculties. Vice-rector for educational work and social issues T.M. Darisheva, head of the HLS center V.Yu. Salov and D.T. Head of Department L.V. Demchenko delivered a speech. According to the results of the competition, the third place was taken by the faculty of culture and arts, the second place was taken by the pedagogical faculty, the first place was taken by students of the historical, economic and legal faculty. At the end of the competition, Chief Justice P.A. Bessmertnov handed the diploma to the winner and handed the cup to the winning team.