Mission of Pedagogy and Psychology department- creation and improvement of the educational and cultural environment on the basis of achievements of modern science and innovative pedagogical technologies.

The purpose of department – realization of the state educational policy directed on training of highly qualified specialists for providing quality education, improvement faculty’s activity, meeting the modern requirements of system of the higher pedagogical education.

Tasks of department:

1. Formation of competences taking into account educational trajectory;

2. Ensuring growth of activity of scientific activity of PPS, expansion of international relations, development of the academic mobility of students and teachers;

3. Formation at student's youth of an active civic stand, social responsibility, high moral and leadership skills.

The Department of Pedagogy & Psychology is under preparation of specialists on educational programs 5В010300 – Pedagogy and Psychology », «5В012300 – Social pedagogy & Self-Cognition», «6М010300 – Pedagogy and Psychology », «6М050300 - Psychology»


  1. Improveming quality of educational services.
  2. Responsibility for work performance quality, conscientious performance of work.
  3. Ongoing self-education and competence.

Main areas of activities:

  1. Ensuring continuous improvement of the quality of teaching.
  2. Improving the scientific and methodological level of lectures, seminars and workshops, the formation of the trajectory of educational services.
  3. Development of teaching and electronic teaching materials disciplines taught at the department and their methodological support.
  4. Carrying out applied scientific research, development of innovative activities of the teaching staff.
  5. The discussions of the research works prepared by members of department and undergraduates and providing recommendations to the defense of theses and publication of articles.
  6. The organization of scientific-research work of students and their participation in scientific conferences and seminars, competitions.
  7. Implementation of educational work with students with the aim of forming their ideals of humanism, an active civil position, patriotism, social responsibility, high moral and leadership qualities.
  8. The development of social partnership with educational institutions, the leading domestic and foreign higher education institutions and scientific centers.
  9. The expansion of international relations, development of the academic mobility of students and teaching staff.

Staff: The leading scientists of department are Professor Mukhambetzhanova A. M., Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Adelbayeva N. A., Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Professor Nurgaliyev K. A., Associate Professor Moldagaliyev B. A., Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences Gabdrakhmanova Sh. T., Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences Mukhanbetchina A.G, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences Irgaliev A.S.

The department has 2 Doctors in Sciences, 5 Candidates in Sciences.

Address: St. Student 4, 7th building

Contact phone: 8 (7112) 505346

Е-mail: Kaf_ped7@mail.ru