With the support of West Kazakhstan State University named after Makhambet Utemisov, youth public Association "discussion center " Ақиқат " WKSU, Department of preschool and primary education of the faculty of education held a debate on the Cup of the faculty of education, dedicated to the Year of youth. The tournament was attended by 2 factions from each faculty. Following the results of tournament first place was the team of "Kings"(Orynbayev Akzhol, Zhalmukan Yersultan– faculty of Economics and law), The fraction of «Шах и мат» (Bekkaliev Regina, Assel Аldabergenova-philological faculty) second place, frankly «Кеттік, бәрін таста» (Latifov Sanjar, Yermekbayev Kobylan - naturally-geographical faculty) took the third place. In the nomination «Креативная фракция» (Talkanbaev Gulim, Kabdiyeva Aliya-natural-geographical faculty), in the nomination «Лучший судья» - Abdrasil Dina (faculty of Philology) and Аldabergenova Assel (faculty of Philology) was awarded in the nomination "Лучший спикер". Congratulations to all the winners!