5,6th March, 2019 years. West-Kazakhstan State University named after M.Utemisov, Uralsk together with the branch of the Center for Excellence, a republican scientific-practical conference « Training Specialists in the Kazakh School: New Content and Relationship with Experience» was held.

The conference was attended by teachers of pedagogical colleges and colleges, teachers and administrators of the school, trainers of programs for training, methodologists.

The work of the conference consisted of 4 carriers. They are:

1. General Post-Scriptum Training Program is designed for teachers in college and colleges. Success and relevance of the upgraded content generation content.

2. Leading courses on upgraded vocabulary in college and college. Content and learning technologies.

3. Pedagogical methodology of students - a specialty of a specialist, professional adaptation and forming of professional identification. The mission of the college is to prepare the future specialist.

4. Prospects of renewal of specialists of the Kazakh school. Interaction between schools and students.

In the frames of the conference, the presentation was presented for the first year of the project USM (University-School-Master-Systematic Integration of Academic Disciplines and Pedagogical Students).

Meetings and presentations by the participants are welcome.