Methodical day " mastery of teacher in effective organization of the student oriented educating".

From 18 to February, 22 on a pedagogical faculty a methodical week" was conducted mastery of teacher in effective organization of the student directed educating".

Aim of week : increase of pedagogical mastery and exchange by experience in organization of educating oriented to the students.


* To share the experience of organizing the process of qualitative transformation in the learning environment for students.

* Application of methods and techniques aimed at improving the independence of students and their critical abilities.

* Consider ways of forming an independent position of students in the educational process.

* Creating conditions for self-realization and self-realization of students.

Mode of operation of the methodical week of the Department " preschool and primary education» :

February 19, 15.00 hours. 10: 00 academic building № 7, room.507 Master class "effective teaching methods". D. Кhabieva-senior lecturer, master, S. Eriyazova M. P.-senior lecturer, master.

hour. 16: 00 academic building № 7, room. Master class "application of CLIL methodology in training". Ergalieva G. A. – candidate of pedagogic Sciences, associate Professor, Dauletova S. T. - lecturer, master

20 February, 15.00 hour. 15: 00 academic building № 7, room. 513 "With the blessing of the country the dove..."curatorial hour. Esenova S. N. – lecturer, master, Mukanova A. D. - lecturer, master

February 21, 15.00 hours. 13:10 educational building №7, room 216. Lecture "education of children in infancy". - Arystangalieva V. T.-teacher, master

hour. 15: 00 academic building № 7, room.407 Master class "Formation of an inclusive environment in the General education system". Maidanova L. M. - senior lecturer, master, S. Dragieva A. - lecturer, master

22 February, hour. 15:00 educational building № 7, room 512. Training "modern training-the requirement of time". T. Maksotova T.-teacher, master, Yeskakova F. E.-teacher, master

Teachers successfully conducted classes. Methodical week was held at a high level.