President Nursultan Nazarbayev's address is an annual strategic document of the Head of state, the prospects for the development of our state. The main theme of the Address is the welfare of every citizen and the quality of life of our state. In the address, an important decision is the announcement of 2019 as the year of youth. Nursultan Nazarbayev urged everyone to support the youth-the future of Kazakhstan.
The state creates good conditions for young people, pays great attention to the comprehensive development of young people, implements many programs, invests a lot in the youth of Kazakhstan, expressing great hopes for the future.
The year of youth will demonstrate to the world community that the first generation of people of the new formation has been nurtured in sovereign Kazakhstan, that the nation, the symbol of which is The Kazakhstan leopard, which has Western elegance, multiplied by the advanced level of development, and Eastern wisdom, and endurance, took place in the face of Kazakh youth.
The main message of the year of youth is that young people are the driver of the economy and social development, the state has invested enough, now it is time for young people to realize themselves and create for themselves and their descendants Kazakhstan new formation.
He expressed confidence that in the future all youth organizations will actively cooperate, work together and take an active part in the implementation of the new, to show themselves, to assist the people and the country and all possible assistance, as well as to improve housing conditions for young people, the development of youth entrepreneurship, work with rural youth, international youth contacts,
The head of state once again showed deep competence in knowing the situation on the ground in all spheres of people's lives, their problems and built a logical chain of their step-by-step solutions.
Lecturer-master of the Department "Preschool and primary education" D. Z. Targulova