Student life! Not the most wonderful, sunniest moment of your life?! Easy thinking, I guess...
Yes, everyone understands interesting student life differently. According to different estimates. Someone estimates that they are manifestations of Zhantasov, and someone is a unique miracle. I think that student life is very valuable moments of life, which are accompanied by interest and sensitivity, market and openwork, joy and complexity. Of course, it is unlikely that in the future you will have a qualified specialist who will be removed from the audience and interesting. However, we must make rational use of the unique success in the spirit of dreams. During the meeting, the main directions of the address Of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. were discussed.Ah. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan "Nurly Zhol-the way to the future". I would like to say that my peers will not reduce the content of an important point.
So I became a student. Frankly speaking, M. Entered the pedagogical faculty of West Kazakhstan state University.After majoring in journalism. The first stage of our student days began with an impression. I need here an endless love for kids and a dream "teacher" in the children's day. But being a teacher is not a profession. It is a gift from Allah. And I realized that in the development of the profession of teacher must overcome thousands of difficulties. Our goal in the next four years is to master the knowledge of this noble profession.
This is how everyone knows who and who cherishes the "student life" that led to the dream. Only the rating needs to be serious. Therefore, I want to wish my peers who went to a unique wonderful moment, bright moments filled with unforgettable impressions.
Specialty " pre-School education and upbringing»
The student of 1 course Sagidolla S. A.