Full-time students of the 4th year (06403, 06404, 06405, 06406, 06407, 06408) and students of the 3rd accelerated course (PIP / u-35, SPM / u-33) in the specialty 5B010300 - "Pedagogy and psychology" and 5B012300 - "Social pedagogy and self-knowledge" in the period 29.01.2018-07.04.2018 for the passage of pedagogical practice were sent to the following schools: school № 30,2,33,45,40,46,38,9,26,5, "Regional special boarding school for children with intellectual disabilities", military unit, and for individual requests were distributed vatyrau region. Indersky river SOSH named after sh. Valikhanov; Mangystau region Mangystau R., S. Akshynyrau SOSH im. The tobaniyaz; West Kazakhstan region, Terekty R., Terekty district hospital; WKO. Kaztalovskiy R., SELA Zhalpaktal SOSH imeni G. moldashev from; WKO., Akzhaik R., SOSH №1; Atyrau industrial College; Kyzylorda region, Kazaly R, p. Ayteke bi kindergarten Miras; WKO., Burlin R., Asai, school No. 6, Mangistau oblast, Tupkaragan R., Aksunkar kindergarten "Bldrs"; Atyrau region Inder R., No. 3 Psycho-pedagogical KORREKTSIONNAYA; Atyrau region Inder R. SOSH imeni sh. Ualikhanov; Aktobe region, Khobdinskiy district, school Hobda; Atyrau region Inder R. school named after M. Auezov; Almaty, a center "Gauhar"; Aktobe region, Kargaly district, a kindergarten №51 "Zharkyn ball"; WKO., Bokeiorda district , school name M. S. Babazhanov; Mangystau region, Zhanaozen city, school No. 18; West Kazakhstan oblast, Syrym R., SOSH im.Canalave; WKO., Burlinsky R. "Berezovsky complex school-kindergarten"; Mangistau region, Zhanaozen, S. Rahat SOSH №15; Atyrau region, zhylyoy district, Kulsary, №21 SOSH; WKO., Chingirlau district, Taskalinsky SOSH; the Mangistau region, Beineu R., SOSH Atameken; Aktobe region, Mugalzhar district psycho-educational study; WKO, Karatobe R., S. Shoptykol, Optimalisasi; WKO., Burlinsky R. "Berezovsky complex school-kindergarten".

Methodists: Ismagulova Z. S.,Abdiraimova E. K., Kalahanova S. B., Huseynova J. K., Medierea E. S., Kubareva, G. K.

Students were well received in all schools and institutions. Students in accordance with the objectives of the practice performed functional obyazannosti school psychologist, social teacher, teacher of self-knowledge and class teacher.

During the preparatory period, a training conference was held with the participation of trainees and methodologists. In the course of which the students were raspredeleniya schools were sacramentality. The trainees were also acquainted with the objectives of the practice, the content of the activities.

During the first week, students got acquainted with the schedule, directions, goals and objectives of educational institutions. Observing the lessons of qualified personnel in educational institutions, acquainted with the specificity of target groups, the content of work and communication technologies. They became familiar with the order, directions and objectives of each institution.

During the pedagogical practice, students demonstrated General theoretical knowledge and special psychological, pedagogical and methodological training. At school, students conducted diagnostic, correctional and educational activities,conducted lessons on the discipline "self-Knowledge". All activities and lessons were aimed at the development of basic competencies of students. They have adopted new learning technologies. Among them, the most widely used methods were using an interactive whiteboard, working with small groups, presentations, project method. All students performed diagnostic work in accordance with their tasks. For example, to study the characteristics of personality, teamwork, professionalism, interest, etc.used methods such as observation, conversation, tests. Students studied emotional States, relationships, interests and values of students, drew conclusions.On the basis of diagnostic work conducted psychological training among students for the development of personal growth, self-confidence. Large-scale events, weekly and diagnostic work on the topic "suicide Prevention", "thanksgiving Day", "work with parents"were developed together with social teachers.

Students were able to apply their knowledge, skills and skills in practice and received positive feedback from employers. At a high level was organized and providentiality psychological events and vospitatelnyi.


The attitude of students to the specialty was reflected in their activities. As a result of activities of students and their motivation for their work and commitment to professionali received letters of appreciation from heads of practice bases.

Interns within the specified period passed all the documents on the protection of teaching practice. They met the requirements and were evaluated by the Methodists.