Socio-economic changes of the last decades have made significant changes in all areas of education. The trend of development of world education shows that the modern conditions of education must meet the requirements of the state and society, and therefore act as a socio-adaptive mechanism that can respond to socio-economic transformation.
In the context of updating the system of education and science in Kazakhstan, the main goal of the system of professional and pedagogical training is to prepare a competent, competitive, intellectually developed future teacher, citizen, patriot, demanded by the modern realities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For the purpose of qualified professional training of future teachers in terms of the updated content of education introduced refresher courses "World of children" for the University.
At the request of the first students of the course October held intra-seminar on the updated content of education. According to this request senior teachers of the Department "Pedagogy and psychology" abdiraimova E. K., J. S. Ismagulova held a seminar on the theme "features of the updated education". The seminar discussed the issues of planning, evaluation, goals and criteria of training.
During the feedback, the participants of the seminar told that they have learned more scientific terms, the practical significance of the updated content of education. And also register on the website