28-29 March 2018 on the basis of al-Farabi Kazakh national University was held X Republican student subject Olympiad, where participated and took third place team " West Pragmatists "(specialty 5B010300" Pedagogy and psychology") and" Zhayyk zhuldyzdary "(specialty 5B012300" Social pedagogy and self-knowledge") wksu. M. Utemisova.
At all stages of the Olympiad in accordance with the program and given crieteria the organizers, the students prepared under the supervision of the senior teachers of chair of pedagogics and psychology Abdiraimova E. K., J. S. Ismagulova, S. B. Kalojanovo and J. K. Khusainova at. At the same time, in order to reveal the peculiarities of specialties for the third stage of the Olympiad, videos were prepared on the theme "I am a teacher – psychologist!"and" One day social pedagogue."
During the Olympiad, students showed high theoretical knowledge in pedagogical-psychological and socio-pedagogical subjects and demonstrated professional competence.
In the result, both teams took the THIRD places! All members of the student teams and their supervisors were awarded with certificates and letters of thanks.