20.10.2017 year, the teacher of Department of pedagogics and psychology Shuanshaliyeva Saule Adilgereya on the basis of "Regional psycho-medical-pedagogical consultation" held a regional workshop on "Integrated approach to corrective and developmental training and education of children with autism spectrum disorders (autism)".

The purpose of the seminar-the formation of psychological and pedagogical competence in working with children with autism.
The seminar was attended by the chief specialist of the Department of inclusive, special education, guardianship and trusteeship of the Department of education of West Kazakhstan region, specialists of the regional Department of education, psychologists of regional, city, regional psychological, medical and pedagogical consultations, psychologists of regional secondary schools, specialists of regional offices of psychological and pedagogical correction, teachers-psychologists of regional special schools, representatives of non-governmental organizations.

The seminar Shuanshaliyeva S. A. carried out a training "Find a couple" art therapy exercise "Joint pattern", "a Survey of autistic children", "Methods of working with the cards PEKS".