I. International cooperation is underway with the Belgorod State University, the National University of St. Petersburg im.P.F.Lesgafta, the Institute of Military History of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
2. We invite scientists to participate in scientific conferences and lectures for students, graduates and teachers of the round tables.
3. There is some activity on the joint production of teachers:
scientific articles (for example, lecturer Baytlesova NK together with Gorelov AA);
teaching tools:
- textbook - "Management of sports facilities" Edited Ph.D., professor A.K.Kulnazarova. Authors: Almuhanov BU, Ermegeyaev TA Tajmazov VA Nikitinsky ES (St. Petersburg), M. Salov
- textbook - "Theory and method of forming the foundations of life." Edited Ph.D., professor A.K.Kulnazarova. Authors: Almuhanov BU, Salov VY, Tajmazov VA, TA Ermegeyaev (St. Petersburg)
4. Work on provovedeniyu research (Ph.D., professor Gorelov AA is the supervisor teacher Baytlesovoy NK);
5. The cooperation is conducted with the St. Petersburg University im.P.Gertsena for agreement on creative collaboration with WKSU after M.Utemisova (Ven. Melnikov VL)
Lecturer Associate Professor Melnikov VL He takes part in scientific conferences on issues of management and education in the St. Petersburg University im.P.Gertsena, at the University of Peoples' Friendship (Moscow), doktogr Sciences Muhanbetkaliev HS participated in conferences in the cities of Moscow and Omsk.
At the international conferences in Belgorod, .Petersburg St., Moscow, attended by teachers of the department Muhanbetkaliev HS, Melnikov VL Almuhanov BU, Baytlesova NK

Under development of joint research themes:
1. "Military history: the history of formation and experience" with the Institute of Military History of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
1. "The content and focus of Physical Culture" national Saint - Petersburg University FC after Lesgafta.

For the lectures and master classes for students and undergraduates in 2007-2010. invited:
- Ph.D., professor Gorelov AA - National St. - Petersburg University FC after Lesgafta
- Ph.D., professor Sobyanin FI - Belgorod State University.

According to the results of scientific cooperation with foreign universities and research staff of the department hosts international conferences, round tables and discussions, lectures for students of various training courses in the ICC, organizations, businesses, schools. On sports education, problems of basic military training teachers actively participated in the conference 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 years.
Teachers of the department carry out joint activities with the temporary research staff of the public association "OTSISANA." The result is recommending to the print edition of the following:
- Melnikov VL Almuhanov BU "Physiology of individual sports" electronic textbook, Uralsk, 2009
- Educational electronic textbook "Fundamentals of theoretical knowledge in physical education" Almuhanova BU Uralsk 2009, which consists of 2 parts:
Educational electronic benefit "theory of sports education" (Book One)
Educational electronic benefit "theory of sports education" (second) Science Muhanbetkaliev HS He is a member of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation at the Institute of Military History of the Ministry of Education of Russia. Ph.D. Salov VY is a member of Peter's Academy in Saint - Petersburg.
double-diploma education, additional education.
As part of the planned two-diploma education institutions carrying out work with Russia - Saratov State University im.Chernyshevskogo, the department of sport disciplines, National University Physical Culture. PFLesgaft, neighboring countries.
The department started work on double-diploma education, and work on an exchange program with the School of Economics of the University of Casimir the Great, the Faculty of Tourism and Geography (g.Bygdoschi, Poland), where there are areas such as tourism and recreation (day.) specialty - "Physical education and sports management," as well as the direction of Physical Education (in absentia. and day.), 3 specialties:
- sports management
- saving on water and water sports
- wrestling (protection of property).
In October and November, signed an agreement on academic mobility with universities of Kazakhstan:
- Aktobe Pedagogical Institute - specialty "Physical culture and sport»
- Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism - on a specialty "Physical culture and sport»
- Kazakh National Pedagogical University. Abay - the specialty "Physical Culture and Sport", "Basic military training" and other teaching professions.