Specialties maintains a special Department.  
The department has:
- 1 doctor nauk- Salov VY .;
- 3 candidates of pedagogical sciences - Almuhanov BU, Ispulova RN, Ergalieva GA .;

- 1 PhD Russian Federation - Baytlesova NK
- 1 candidate of biological nauk- Melnikov VL
- 1 assistant professor of VAK, honored coach of Kazakhstan - Ismagulov KI
- 5 Master of Physical Education and Sport - Ryskaliyev SN Abdrakhmanov IS, Bakhtiyarova SZ, Balykov BA, Zhumagulov GN Moldagaliyev AM

Among the teachers who prepare future professionals in the field of physical culture and sports master of sports in sambo - Ismagulov KI, master of sports of all-round presidential V.L.Melnikov.
Ispulova RN, and Melnikov VL Following 2012 became possessors of state grant "The best teacher of high school."

It has been training at the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi teacher Moldagaliyev AM in October and the month of 2010.
Average age: 37-41 years.
All teachers working in this specialty have a basic education; among them there are who have graduated from the central universities of the CIS countries, Kazakhstan (RN Ispulova in Moscow, Ismagulov KI, graduated from universities in Almaty, Moldagaliyev A.M.- in the cities of Kazakhstan).
Disciplines of basic military training service teachers - Ten VI, Moldagaliyev AM, with special military education (graduates of the Military Institute of Border Troops of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Almaty obschevoyskogo Supreme Command School. Konev.

Among PPP mainly observed stability of the composition. Leaders of the Department conducts some work using a variety of measures of moral incentive.
Particular attention is paid to the issue of labor and executive discipline, maintaining a healthy moral and psychological climate.

Ismagulov KI - Honored coach of the Republi

Zhischenko A.N. - Senior Lecturer

Balykov BA - MA, Senior Lecturer

Zhumagulov G.N. MA, Senior Lecturer

Baytlesova N.K. Senior Lecturer

Ten W.I. Senior Lecturer

Melnikov V.L. PhD

Sundetov M.A. MA, Senior Lecturer

Ispulova RN - PhD Head of the Department Ti

Kubaschev T.K. - Assistant Professor

Moldagaliyev AM - MA, Senior Lecturer